Class Room Curriculum

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Our classroom programs and curriculum are based on a child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.  We believe children are happy and secure when they have plenty of opportunities to succeed each day.  To meet the developmental needs of children, we have created unique learning programs that follow the creative wrap-around curriculum.  This curriculum accommodates and reinforces classroom learning and explores language, art, fitness, character and fun


Here at Helping Hands Creative Childcare Center your infant will receive priority treatment!  It is our goal to allow your infant to explore caring teachers and a classroom environment that is aligned with their individual social, emotional, physical and cognitive developmental needs.  Our specialized infant curriculum which is based on the creative wrap-around curriculum allows for observation, individual planning, parental input and ongoing developmental assessments which are significant to positive outcomes for our children.

The importance of literacy and language development is included in our infant curriculum and here at Helping Hands Creative Childcare your infant will be read to at least two to three times daily throughout the course of their day.  You will also find other areas of development in the infant classroom educational centers that will include: 

·         Math/Fine Motor/Manipulatives

·         Science/Sensory

·         Art/Creative

·         Gross Motor

·         Dramatic Play

·         Soft Blocks/Building

You can trust that your infant will be surrounded

with care and love!



The curriculum for these age groups is divided into seven learning centers.  The learning centers provide opportunities for children to build foundations for success in literacy, math, and science and for social-emotional, large and small muscle, and character development.  Our classroom learning centers are:


Math/Fine Motor/Manipulative: 

This area provides hands-on experiences for children to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts, opportunities to develop problem solving skills and opportunities to develop small muscles and to improve their eye-hand coordination.


This area is full of activities that allow children to make observations and predictions, test their own theories about how and why things work; learn about plants, animals and the natural environment.


This area will allow children to express themselves through various art mediums, paint, paper, scissors, glue, etc.

Gross Motor: 

This area focuses on developing large muscles by engaging in music and movement activities and physical activity alone or with a group.

Dramatic Play: 

This area encourages children to act out experiences they’ve had in the community and at home, and to experience the world of make believe.


This area focuses on developing fine motor skills and mathematical concepts as children engage in building projects alone or in a group.


This center exposes children to different books and gives them an opportunity to listen to, tell, and act out stories while learning new words and developing new language skills.


Detailed information about each day’s activities is posted daily in the classrooms.  Each group’s daily schedule includes at least one outdoor period each day when the weather permits.

Helping Hands Creative Learning Center offers children a wholesome learning experience filled with fun, adventure and learning.

  • Music
  • Puppetry
  • Writing
  • Storytelling
  • Fitness and Sport
  • Crafts
  • Strategy Games
  • Science Projects
  • Nature Study
  • Math
  • Art and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!


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