Social Services

Promoting a Caring Community

Caring community is designed to help every child in the learning center learn to get along better with both children and adults. It builds a culture of kindness and respect, and develop children's social and emotional skills.


We all learn social and emotional skills while growing up. How we behave with family and others, developing relationships, and our ability to accomplish tasks are part of this learning. For healthy child rearing, new programs recommend that social and emotional learning be developed in the context of safe, caring, well-managed and engaging learning environments. These skills include the ability to:

Recognize and manage emotions
Care about and respect others
Develop positive relationships
Make good decisions
Behave responsibly

We at Helping Hands are dedicated to strengthening families to help children succeed. Our Licensed Social Workers and Counselors will provide services designed to promote social and emotional well being. We understand the stress of today’s society, working more hours and having less quality time, is becoming more and more challenging for our families.

Services families can expect

Professionals who understand emotional, social and behavioral problems who will

Provide comprehensive assessments

This can include diagnostic assessments, needs assessments and psycho-social assessments

Provide behavioral counseling
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